Steel structures

We create innovative and bold steel structures that defy gravity and stand the test of time.
Our impressive engineering expertise and flexibility mean that we excel at every stage of the design and execution processes.

Shapes made of steel

The best way to describe our steel construction employees would be inventive and determined – they are real perfectionists of their trade.
Our outstanding team unites highly qualified tradespeople, eager trainees and specialists – none of whom shy away from a challenge.
The entire production process – from the cutting of raw materials and the manufacturing of individual components to the final assembly based on the technical drawings, the welding work and the surface finishing – is carried out in close cooperation with our Engineering team for specialist steel constructions.
All manufacturing steps are executed with maximum precision and to extremely high quality standards thanks to pioneering cutting techniques, cutting-edge machinery and the know-how of our employees who are continually improving their expertise.
All this means that we are able to build innovative, flexible and powerful steel constructions that live up to the visionary architectural ideas they are based on.

“Made by PICHLER” means strict quality controls of raw materials, guaranteed safety in relation to products and people and smooth logistics whereby we ourselves are responsible for the packaging and timely transportation of components to construction sites.
Of course, licences and certificates are very important in our work.
We obviously have all the necessary technical licences in the countries in which we operate.
This provides added safety and security for your project and everyone involved.



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