Industrial hangars


We are renowned experts in constructing industrial hangars.
This is evidenced by the many projects that we have successfully executed all around the world.
Steel is the perfect building material for industrial hangars: it is flexible and sustainable and can be used to create large-scale buildings that are flooded with light.
These characteristics mean that we can reconstruct the entire building again and again over time and adapt it in line with changing circumstances.
Steel also allows us to integrate all the plant engineering into the structure and hence maximise the usable floor space.
It is environmentally friendly and can be recycled, which also makes it economically attractive.
We are extremely proud of our wealth of experience in building bespoke industrial hangars.
It helps us to support our clients with optimising the entire building and designing the necessary interior fittings (e.g. load-bearing structure, connecting bridges and staircases, etc.).
Our product portfolio also includes façades for industrial buildings.
We stock all customary façade materials, such as sandwich panels, polycarbonate panels, trapezoidal panels, corrugated panels, saw-tooth roofs, bitumen panels, rear-ventilated curtain walls, all elements used by sheet metal workers, doors, windows and loading ramps.
We plan, supply and assemble turn-key industrial hangars.