Our passion and drive have been instrumental to the success of numerous projects both domestically and all around the world.
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From industrial hangars to high-bay warehouses, from bold suspension bridges to glass skyscrapers in the world’s largest cities, we have realised more than 2000 projects over the years.
The following selection showcases our various areas of competence.

Eco - Center

Claudio Lucchin & architetti associati: Angelo Rinaldo, Daniela Varnier

Bolzano 2013

Waste recycling plant

A plant with a high-tech core

This waste incineration plant is a part of an integrated system for sustainable communal waste management planned by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. It serves three distinct functions: waste separation, recycling, and energy recovery from waste incineration. 

The load-bearing steel structure supports the technical core of the plant, a boiler house with an exhaust system.

South Tyrol has always prioritised environmental protection and the use of optimal technologies to protect the health of its ecosystem and population.

For more than 20 years, the old waste incineration plant was a suitable solution. Once it became outdated, any further investment in expensive repairs would no longer have been reasonable, so the provincial government decided to replace it.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technical solutions, the new plant can incinerate all the non-recyclable waste generated in South Tyrol. The efficient flue gas cleaning system reduces emissions and facilitates energy recovery.

For this project, selecting the right materials was of utmost importance – not just for reasons of aesthetics and operational reliability but also in terms of optimising the plant’s performance.

The load-bearing structure of the waste incineration plant is made from steel. Using this material ensures verified quality, transparent traceability, rigorous stability controls, minimal fault tolerances during assembly, and excellent earthquake protection.

The administrative building, on the other hand, has a ventilated double-skin façade with aluminium windows and doors constructed with thermal separation and double-glazed windows of low permeability. For ventilation purposes, the turbine room and substations are equipped with tilting louvre glass panels.


Autonome Provinz Bozen / Provincia di Bolzano

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