Steel roots

We love to take a trip down memory lane to the old blacksmith’s workshop in the heart of the Dolomites – the place where it all began.
Our roots in this simple yet incredibly significant spot in the Eggental valley are a great source of pride to us.
This is where PICHLER was made, a product of two very different yet somehow similar personalities who shared a big vision.

Our story

Ferdinand and Walter Pichler dreamed of a big future when they founded PICHLER projects in 1978.
Ferdinand had always been fascinated with his father’s craftsmanship as a blacksmith.
This pragmatic man is devoted to the world of steel and steel manufacturing
Walter felt drawn to architecture and wanted to see the world.
He is a visionary and uses his skills to organise and develop pioneering, bold projects.
Today, 45 years on, PICHLER projects has over 250 employees and boasts operations all over the world.
Within a relatively short period of time, Ferdinand and Walter made their dreams and visions, which took shape in the Eggental valley, come true.

Even today, we enjoy reminiscing about our roots in the Eggental valley, in the heart of the Dolomites.
This is reflected in our corporate philosophy and our approach to our work.
A company’s success depends on plenty of passion, commitment, dedication and trust.
Enthusiastic, reliable employees are its most important resource, and we bear this in mind at all times.

Multiple generations – one vision

The story behind our family business spans several generations.
It all began with the Pichler family’s first blacksmithing forge in the Eggental valley.
Their craftsmanship, knowledge and skills are the cornerstones of our family business.
Eugen Pichler, Walter and Ferdinand’s father, was probably one of the last old-school blacksmiths.
He dedicated his life to the family forge with tenacity and passion, still working its bellows shortly before his passing in 1986.
Then came Walter and Ferdinand Pichler’s generation.
They sought to continue their ancestral tradition in the form of a modern, innovative and international company that would nonetheless remain true to its roots.

Walter and Ferdinand’s heirs are already working at our company, contributing fresh ideas and inspiration to a story that began more than 45 years ago.
Like the generations before them, they have their sights set firmly on the future. And they never dismiss their roots.


In one word: PICHLER

Eugen Pichler was still around to witness his sons’ founding PICHLER&CO in 1978.
At that time, the production site was still in Birchabruck in the heart of the Eggental valley, close to the original foundry. The brothers had already moved the associated planning office and administrative facilities to Bolzano.
Established in a team effort, the family business has become a glowing success story: a dream come true thanks to Walter and Ferdinand’s ideas, courage and passion.


Several years later, Walter and Ferdinand bought a plot in a new industrial area in Bolzano South, where they began to construct a new production hall and adjacent office building.
In 1989, PICHLER&CO's administration, design and planning office, and part of the production facilities were relocated to Bolzano South.
One year after this important move, the company was renamed Stahlbau Pichler GmbH.
Back then, the company only specialised in steel structures, which were now being manufactured in the Eggental valley and Bolzano for customers across Northern Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Thanks to the tireless commitment of all employees, the company subsequently managed to establish a second field of expertise: the design and production of façades.

As the brothers continued to expand their business, 2002 saw the groundbreaking ceremony for the new company headquarters at Via Edison 15.
The new building as we know it today houses all areas of the PICHLER world, from the production departments for steel structures and façades to the design and planning office and administration.
Another decisive change followed in 2019: Stahlbau Pichler GmbH became PICHLER projects GmbH, complete with a new logo.
The move reflects the company’s desire to focus on its projects, visions and values.
It was an important step that bears testimony to the creative power of PICHLER projects, deeply anchored in our DNA.
Thanks to our dedicated, highly skilled team and our loyal clients who entrust us with their projects, PICHLER projects is one of the leading suppliers of steel constructions and façades today. It goes without saying that we are extremely proud of this achievement.
As our eventful 45-year story goes on, the evolution of our company continues to be shaped by a common denominator: our family, our brand and our passion.
In one word: PICHLER.



Proud of our past, we imagine the future.

We think and work like sprinters, striving to achieve the impossible in record time.
However, over the course of our history, we have also always excelled at thinking about tomorrow’s challenges in advance and never standing still.
We pursue our goals with passion and are always prepared to face new challenges head-on.
This is what sets us apart.
This is how we work and how we plan for the future.
Teamwork is of paramount importance: we hand over our visions and ideas to other members of the team like a baton in a relay race as we know that we can only achieve our goals and execute extraordinary projects by working together.


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Subsidiary: Stucom SA

PICHLER projects has always wanted to realise a development project for the benefit of social and ecological sustainability.
It has finally been able to make this vision come true in Africa, a breathtaking continent with immense potential.
PICHLER projects has been the majority shareholder of Stucom SA since 2018.
The company was founded in Mégrine, an industrial city south of Tunis in 1945. It has been active in the steel industry for more than 70 years.
We have realised an important innovation project together with Stucom.
A response to local calls for development based on European values as well as shared determination to boost an economy that urgently needs growth.
Today, Stucom SA is a progressive, international and exemplary company with 100 employees.
Its main areas of activity include consultancy, planning, production and assembly of steel constructions for public and private clients.
PICHLER projects supports Stucom by providing qualified staff and strategic visions.

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Subsidiary: Mauchle

We are proud to count the Swiss company Mauchle Stahlbau AG among our group members.
Mauchle and PICHLER share a lot: values of a family business, faith in consistency, passion for tradition and first-class projects.
Switzerland and South Tyrol are very similar. Not only are we neighbours at the heart of Europe, but we also share unique characteristics, such as our multilingualism and Alpine culture.
PICHLER projects acquired Mauchle Stahlbau AG in 2019.
The family business looks back on half a century of success. Anton Mauchle founded it in Sursee in the Canton of Lucerne, Central Switzerland, in 1964.
Due to a lack of a successor and the founding family’s desire for continuity, PICHLER projects acquired this outstanding company.
Mauchle Stahlbau AG employs 25 staff whose main areas of activity include consultancy, planning, production and assembly of a wide range of steel constructions for clients all over Switzerland.
Thanks to our international networks and Mauchle’s Swiss roots and passion, we are an ideal partner for realising magnificent projects in Switzerland and beyond.

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