PICHLER projects

For us, every project is about teamwork and individuals with different skills and expertise, extraordinary ideas, advanced tools, and materials together to create the perfect mix.
Every project comes with its own challenges. We overcome them with competence, passion and a long-term approach.

We imagine the future

We are driven and motivated by the opportunity to create something unique that will stand the test of time.
We colaborate closely with our clients and partners to adopt brand-new technical and creative approaches and really push the envelope on both directions.
Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the most well-known players on the regional and international architecture scene to create unique buildings and execute innovative projects that feature unparalleled aesthetics.
We provide our clients with tailored engineering expertise and decades of experience to help them execute projects ranging from industrial hangars and high-bay warehouses to bold suspension bridges and glass skyscrapers in the world’s largest cities.

We are proud of in an extremely wide range of areas: sport and leisure, automotive, commercial, institutional, educational and culture, mobility, residential, pavilions and showrooms, energy, healthcare, industry, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry and ropeways.
We always put our extensive know-how to good use across all of these sectors in order to execute truly unique projects.
That is the philosophy behind our company.
That is what PICHLER projects are all about.


Understanding requirements

To go far, you need to stay close to the people: understand their needs, welcome diversity, create synergies.
PICHLER has always believed in the strength of human relationships. This is why our technical sales team continuously seeks to develop sustainable solutions and use innovative materials which give our clients’ visions a physical form.
From the very first step, we support our architects and clients in planning their courageous projects. Our experience, dedication and passion are at their disposal.
Anything is possible with us by your side.

Our contacts

Innovative engineering

Our 40-strong Engineering team covers structuralengineering calculations, technical drawings, design and construction. At the PICHLER headquarters in Bolzano (South Tyrol), it closely collaborates with its Production colleagues to develop sophisticated, innovative solutions that are well thought out to the tiniest of details.
We use advanced software and machinery throughout the processes involved.
We also use such tools as Design Assist and Value Engineering as part of the project management process.
This results in innovative and sometimes extraordinary solutions that can make all the difference in a win-win partnership.
We stand firm in our belief that this is the right strategy to follow.


Our projects


Our structural designers, constructors, engineers and architects are the heart and soul of our technical department.
Working closely with our production team, they develop innovative solutions, create unique constructions and bring our clients’ visions to life.


Design Assist and Value Engineering

PICHLER’s Engineering team is able to assist with its technical expertise as early on as the quotation stage by drawing up several optimised approaches relating to technical execution, production lead times, execution timeframes and investment costs.
The extensive experience that we have gained by executing highly complex, large-scale projects has enabled us over the years to continuously improve the services that we offer such as Design Assist and Value Engineering.
As such, we are able to provide façade designers, architects and engineers with effective support in optimising projects, drawing up feasibility studies and building prototypes.


We use cutting-edge integrated design software and strategic tools such as BIM (Building Information Modelling) solutions to enable us to work with architects, construction companies, civil engineers, designers and external manufacturing companies.
Our technical sales advisers are committed to providing our clients with concrete solutions right from the outset that will contribute to the smooth execution of your project.


Steel structures

Skilled, ambitious workers and the raw force of nature create shapes made of steel.



Working carefully and precisely with lightweight materials like glass and aluminium, we create façades beyond your wildest imagination.


Project management by PICHLER projects

Entrust your project to us, and one of our project managers will be appointed to work specifically with you.
Based on the type of project involved, one of our highly skilled employees will support our clients at every stage of the project planning and strategy preparation and development processes.
This will ensure that everything runs smoothly and will guarantee that the work carried out at the construction site is safe and of the highest quality.
Our project managers will use their extensive know-how and vast experience to provide a personalised service.
Together with our technical Sales team, they will contribute to ensuring that the project is a resounding success.
A strong and reliable partnership that is tailored to meet all specific needs and provides all stakeholders with decisive advantages.


Everything provided just in time

PICHLER’s Engineering team and Production department literally work next door to each other.
All components, from pre-fabrication to final assembly, are fully manufactured at our headquarters in Bolzano.
The imposing steel constructions and glass and aluminium façades are then transported from there, in the heart of the Dolomites, all around the world.
PICHLER ensures that all projects – from large construction sites in New York to high-altitude construction sites 3,000 metres above sea level – receive the same amount of care and attention and benefit from the same level of precision and accuracy.

Specialist in projects at extreme altitudes

We are very at home up high on mountain summits.
We grew up in the Dolomites, a mountainous region in the heart of the Alps.
The mighty, pale mountains tower high into the sky and inspire courage and humility in equal measure.
Our background makes us the perfect partner for projects at extreme altitudes.
As such, we execute ground-breaking projects in extraordinary locations for the sport and leisure industry, such as cable car stations and viewing platforms as well as a whole range of other types of constructions.
A prime example is the Zugspitze cable car.


Linguistic assistance and in-house support

As an international company, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible service in their own language.
As such, over the years, we have opened additional subsidiaries in different countries.
Our clients also benefit from the invaluable know-how that our over 250 employees have amassed over many years.
We attach huge importance to our team’s personal and professional development and therefore provide them with continuous training and opportunities to gain relevant professional experience.
Highly qualified professionals form one of the central pillars of our company.
Thanks to them we can provide our clients with optimum support throughout all the design and execution stages of a project and where necessary always call on the right internal employees for the job.
Our core values of reliability, management expertise, teamwork and quality help us to really stand out from the competition


Reliability and after-sales service

PICHLER steel constructions and façades are known for being both reliable and durable.
Contractors will of course receive support from our specialists, even after the project has been completed, in terms of the relevant building’s maintenance, for example through the provision of replacement parts and maintenance services.
As such, one can rest assured that our unique building will fully stand the test of time.
We provide our clients with long-term, extensive and tailored support.
After all, our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority.




Christian Matteotti


Limitless opportunities

Changing the world takes optimism and determination.
Every decision has consequences, and at PICHLER projects, we are aware of our responsibilities and our industry’s limitless opportunities to change the world.
As a family business, the fate of future generations is very important to us.
We know that sustainable development – in terms of the environment, society and governance – is the only way to achieve a greener, more livable future for all.
That is why sustainability is one of the key values of PICHLER projects.

The future is now