Sustainability opens up a wealth of opportunities.
Every day, we work with great optimism and determination to achieve a more sustainable and livable world for current and future generations.
A long-term view has always been one of our key values: we believe that taking responsibility for our decisions is the only way forward.

Sustainability consists of many things. They are conscious steps we take every day, strategies for the future, small gestures and big changes.
At PICHLER projects, sustainability is a core value and a common goal that must be achieved across all areas: environment, society and business.
We have set out to play our part in changing the world and making it a greener place.
To this end, we use sustainable sources of energy, we encourage responsible conduct, and we leverage our global network – a result of our activities all over the world.

South Tyrol, our home and a region that is deeply connected with nature and committed to sustainability, has also contributed to making us what we are today: a family business that can induce change, create better perspectives and open up new opportunities.

Our commitment to sustainable development

We know that the right decisions can change everything. We are eager to achieve our personal top ten of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, set out in the Agenda 2030.
On this page, we share our current measures and achievements with you. We firmly believe that they will help pave the way to a better tomorrow. The future is now, and it belongs to everyone.

Off-site building: a sustainable solution

According to the 2022 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction, published by the UNEP-hosted Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction, the construction industry was responsible for 37% of all global greenhouse gas emissions in 2021.
This underscores the importance of rethinking our approaches and replacing outdated building methods with low-emission alternatives which conserve resources.
Unlike other construction materials, steel does not require water on site,
so this dry construction method has a minimal impact on the environment.
Thanks to the longevity of steel, aluminium and glass, the original properties of the buildings are preserved, allowing them to remain efficient for many years.
Why do we let buildings crumble?
Why not take a more forward-looking approach to planning and figure out in advance what will happen to them once they are no longer needed and technically obsolete?
Why are our cities and surrounding areas (natural as well as industrial) covered in empty buildings that spoil the landscape and occupy space without providing any benefit to the local community?
Everyone talks about sustainability and ESG criteria, but what could be more sustainable than a building that is constructed from recycled, fully traceable materials in a controlled environment?
That is built on an environmentally friendly, socially sustainable site and, at the end of its useful life, is repurposed to serve the community rather than becoming a burden on it?


Steel and aluminium: two sustainable materials

Steel offers countless possibilities.
Its extraordinary natural properties make it an ideal building material both from a construction and environmental perspective.
Steel can be recycled infinitely without losing its original properties.
It has no use-by date, which perfectly matches the principles of the circular economy.
As an infinite resource, steel is an exemplary material for building a sustainable economy. Steel structures are green.

Similarly, aluminium perfectly meets the principles of sustainability, which are becoming more and more important in the construction industry.
Just like steel, aluminium is long-lived and can be reused endlessly.
Aluminium façades are lightweight and flexible, offering limitless design options.
They are environmentally friendly and ensure an unparalleled indoor climate.
Just like steel, aluminium is long-lived and can be reused endlessly.

Green energy

We firmly believe that renewable energies are the way forward.
This is why all our processes, without exception, are powered by sustainably produced and distributed energy.
The roof of our headquarters in Bolzano (South Tyrol) is clad with photovoltaic panels, and the energy we consume comes from 100% renewable sources.


A safe and healthful working environment – because our employees are important to us

A good working environment is a key factor in employee wellbeing.
Our headquarters are built in a way that gives everyone with comfortable workplace with plenty of natural light, meeting the highest health and safety standards.
From our planning offices to the production departments and logistics, every part of PICHLER projects is unique.
But they are all connected by an overarching goal: the well-being of each and every person who works here.

For the sake of our planet

Even the smallest action can make a difference.
At PICHLER projects, we urge all our employees to conserve resources and minimise our impact on the environment.
We separate our waste, we refuse to use plastic bottles and cups, and most of our work is done digitally to lower our paper consumption.
We encourage car sharing and regularly consult with our internal resources about news in the fields of sustainability, business certifications, and ongoing environmental initiatives and projects.


Community matters

PICHLER projects is a big family with more than 250 people.
Our internal and external initiatives seek to move society forward.
With passion and determination, we support social, sports, school and cultural projects in South Tyrol, all of Italy and abroad.
Our headquarters is an inclusive place with open doors for events, professional development programmes and unique community evenings.


Sustainable management

Social sustainability is extremely important.
This is why equality and interdepartmental communications play an important role at PICHLER projects. They foster a sense of community and togetherness within our company.
We firmly believe that flexibility, a flat hierarchy and a wide range of cultures and visions are essential components of a sustainable company culture.
PICHLER projects is an inclusive company that enables each and every one of its 250 employees to grow as a person, use their abilities, unleash their creativity and exchange views and experiences with their colleagues.
Every member of the PICHLER team is unique and valuable.


Change is possible

PICHLER projects has been the majority shareholder of Stucom SA, a Tunisian company with more than 70 years of experience in the field of steel structures, since 2018.
Through this investment, we want to contribute to the growth and sustainable development of this breathtaking country with enormous potential.
By acquiring Stucom, PICHLER projects has committed itself to a development project that unifies the values and skills of a European company with another nation’s drive for growth and social and economic progress.
Today, Stucom is a progressive company whose local expertise and international vision drives sustainable development every single day.
PICHLER projects’ investment in this Tunisian company is an investment in everyone’s future.
A future built on sustainability, equality and synergy.

Our certifications

Economic, social and environmental responsibility. A view of the bigger picture. Maximum effort every single day. These are the pillars carrying the vision of PICHLER projects.
Thanks to our dedication and our responsible conduct, we have collected many certifications over the years.
As proof of our commitment, they show that we are a dependable and innovative partner who never compromises on quality.








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