South Tyrol

Our headquarters are in Bolzano, Northern Italy, at the heart of the Dolomites.
Here, in the middle of Europe, cultures and languages have met and merged since time immemorial, creating enormous potential. This is also the place where Italian design and German precision have met to form a perfect symbiosis.
South Tyrol is more than just our home. It is our mentality and our inspiration.
From North to South, East to West, there are opportunities waiting to be seized.
This vision and our curiosity about other cultures have always encouraged us to follow the people we work for and the projects we are entrusted, no matter where they may take us.

PICHLER projects GmbH / Srl
Via T.A. Edison Strasse 15
I-39100 Bozen / Bolzano
+39 0471 065 000

PEC: pichler.projects@legalmail.it

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