Multi-storey buildings and vertical extensions


Steel is the perfect building material for multi-storey buildings and vertical extensions, regardless of whether they are built using dry or composite construction methods.
As a reliable partner, we will provide a turn-key building solution that has been cleverly conceived right down to the tiniest of details – from the plant engineering integrated into the building structure to optimal use of daylight.
The close collaboration between our teams for façades and steel structures further ensures extremely efficient coordination of the building structure and envelope.
As a result, the necessary connecting elements between the shell and the various façade types can be taken into consideration before the project even begins.
We can also supply all necessary accessories, such as staircase elements.
Another great thing about steel constructions is that additional elements can be easily incorporated at a later date without any issues.
What’s more, steel can also be quickly and easily mounted on construction sites and seamlessly integrated into existing concrete structures.