Our passion and drive have been instrumental to the success of numerous projects both domestically and all around the world.
All of those projects have different characteristics, different background stories and different specific requirements.
But each and every one of them embodies our whole experience.
They are all unique.
From industrial hangars to high-bay warehouses, from bold suspension bridges to glass skyscrapers in the world’s largest cities, we have realised more than 2000 projects over the years.
The following selection showcases our various areas of competence.


Pichler Architects

Bolzano 2012

Office Building and production plant

Form follows function

This turnkey project is based on research and innovation. 

It exemplifies the art of construction and embodies reliability, especially in terms of earthquake protection.

The new plant of ATZWANGER S.p.A. in the industrial area of Bolzano Sud consists of a built-up area spanning 2,890 square metres. The eight-storey building is fully detached, with one underground storey and seven overground ones. 

It consists of repeating modules both vertically and horizontally, which ensures that all operational requirements are met.

A key characteristic of this structure is its envelope, which was planned and constructed in line with the functions of the building. Depending on requirements, the façades of the individual sectors are visually distinct, while the uniform aesthetics of the building exude harmony and balance. 

The façades convey high functionality as well as aesthetics. Their generous glass sections, contrasting with elements of various sizes, create an effect of harmonious movement that imbues the façade of the administrative building with character and energy.


Atzwanger AG / Spa

Steel structures

Industrial halls
Multi-storey buildings and elevations


Mullion and transom facades
Doors and windows
Ventilated facades
Industrial coatings


Commerce and services


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