Our passion and drive have been instrumental to the success of numerous projects both domestically and all around the world.
All of those projects have different characteristics, different background stories and different specific requirements.
But each and every one of them embodies our whole experience.
They are all unique.
From industrial hangars to high-bay warehouses, from bold suspension bridges to glass skyscrapers in the world’s largest cities, we have realised more than 2000 projects over the years.
The following selection showcases our various areas of competence.

Bora Flagshipstore

Lorenz Ateliers

Herford 2023

Showroom and production plant

Bora Flagship Store: shaped by the wind

The building in Herford, a town in the northeastern part of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, looks like it is floating in mid-air. It will house the kitchen manufacturer BORA’s new flagship store, spacious exhibition areas and other tenants from the field of interior design and construction. Its unique structure, featuring a forward-tilted façade designed by the Austrian architecture firm Lorenz Ateliers, gives onlookers the impression that the building was shaped by strong winds. The shape was inspired by the wing of an aircraft just before take-off.

PICHLER projects realised the 645-tonne steel structure of the Bora flagship store. 


WB Immobilien GmbH

Steel structures

Multi-storey buildings and elevations
Special constructions
Large spans


Commerce and services



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