Our passion and drive have been instrumental to the success of numerous projects both domestically and all around the world.
All of those projects have different characteristics, different background stories and different specific requirements.
But each and every one of them embodies our whole experience.
They are all unique.
From industrial hangars to high-bay warehouses, from bold suspension bridges to glass skyscrapers in the world’s largest cities, we have realised more than 2000 projects over the years.
The following selection showcases our various areas of competence.

Portomaso Tower

DeMicoli & Associates

St. Julian´s (Malta) 2018

Multipurpose building

Trade, tourism and culture under one roof

This eleven-storey skyscraper narrows progressively as it soars 67 metres into the sky. With its characteristic spinnaker shape, it seamlessly blends into the landscape of the coastal city. 

It consists of around 1,300 tonnes of steel structures, which our team of six constructed in just seven months. 

It took them a mere five months to build 2,500 square metres of façades.

Our client was impressed not only with our expertise but also with the incredibly rapid completion of the project.

An especially interesting feature of the building is its grid-like rainwater collection system on the east and west façade, which consists of stainless-steel pipes.

The renovation of the historical Portomaso Cafè in San Julian, Malta, has created new office space. This project helps Portomaso, a small coastal town, develop into an international business hub while maintaining its focus on the tourism and culture of the island.


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St. Julian´s (Malta)

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