520W 28th Street

Апартаменты класса "люкс"

Zaha Hadid Architects

Façades5000 sq.m.
The impressive sculpture residing at 520 West 28th St. in New York was designed as a celebration of the dynamism of its neighborhood West Chelsea, known as the main artistic and cultural district of New York City; it intentionally blurs the dividing line between art and architecture.
The first shots of the unreleased film, contributed by The Piranesi Experience, set out fixed on the imposing stainless steel façade with a characteristic chevron composition, which embraces the interlaced levels of the properties.
Only when the shooting widens, does the building show its full organic fluidity, the unmistakable signature of Hadid.
The unpublished musical contribution of Populous is perfectly synchronized with the palpable energy of the dynamic context and the photography of Fabio Paolucci, capturing every material nuance.
The filming flows inside the project investigating environments with a refined design, perfectly integrated into the curves carved out by the exterior, the same ones that frame the stunning views of the city. The connection between city life and personal life is tangible, just as the connection between the building and the urban landscape.

As the camera pans out, we catch sight of the fascinating interaction between the city and the high line and, although the building's silhouette maintains its distinctive fluidity in a skyline of linear skyscrapers, it now blends into the neighborhood, showing that its essence is intrinsically linked to the heartbeat of the city.

Rossana Vinci, architect and journalist

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Основные факты
Проектирование: 4 месяца
Оптимизация проекта: 3 месяца
Элементный фасад из индивидуально-разработанной системы профилей.
Окна с полностью автоматизированной системой открывания и с встроенной системой безопасности.

Типы фасадов
710 элементов с плоским стеклом (4700 м2)
40 элементов с моллированным стеклом (300 м2)
200 автоматизированных окон (1350 м2)

воздушная и морская транспортировка

Сроки реализации
Начало и окончание проекта: 11.2014 - 11.2017

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