The art of simple

Great projects are typically the result of shared core values. This was certainly the case with the Salewa Headquarters project, which was the result of a successful collaboration between PICHLER projects and the president of the Oberalp Group, Heiner Oberrauch.

The founders of the two companies based in the industrial area of Bolzano in South Tyrol have known each other for quite a long time.

„I have known Walter Pichler for many years. I admire his ability to be an artist, architect and entrepreneur at the same time. We also share a love for the elegant, yet simple Alpine lifestyle.“

Heiner Oberrauch


Walter Pichler and Heiner Oberrauch



Cino Zucchi & Park Associati
Bolzano (I) 2012

For Heiner Oberrauch and Walter Pichler, one of their core values is optimism,i.e. positive energy and positive thoughts. To build something that will last, it is important to think big and look to the future without wavering. Such optimism was the backbone of the Salewa Headquarters project (link to the project). This is a true architectural milestone for the city of Bolzano, the crossroads of urbanity and nature in South Tyrol. Designed by Cino Zucchi and Park Associati, the building’s many angles seem to take their inspiration from the magnificent peaks of the South Tyrolean mountains. With its iconic façade, it also embodies the know-how and passion to tackle challenges that is at the heart of PICHLER projects.

The building, which consists of towers and horizontal elements, rises up like a rock crystal. The majority of exposed areas are covered with a special microperforated aluminum skin. This architectural gem has been celebrated by Heiner Oberrauch and the many employees as both their professional home and a symbol of their own personal way of viewing the world.

Like Pichler, there is a strong focus at Salewa on valuing the contributions of people.

„Life may divide us by responsibilities, but it unites us by our values. No one should feel superior to others. At Salewa, we pursue clear common goals. To achieve these, everyone contributes with their respective knowledge and responsibilities“

Heiner Oberrauch


When it comes to projects, the Oberalp Group and PICHLER projects have only one goal in mind: to develop beautiful, ambitious and interesting things.

Doing so necessitates employing satisfied people at the company who enjoy their work and who are committed to winning the trust of their customers. When this synergy works, economic success is the logical consequence. Over time, this vision, which is shared by both companies, has led to numerous important successes in South Tyrol and around the world.

The Oberalp Group has many offices, shops and retailers around the world; PICHLER projects has completed prestigious projects in the USA, Denmark, Russia, Romania, Austria, Germany, Africa, Tunisia, Switzerland, Croatia and Italy.

At the local level, the two entrepreneurs are involved in the joint Think Tank Sud project for the development of the Bolzano industrial area.


„We love Bolzano and want to lend the southern part of city the appeal it deserves. When the work day is over, the area should still be lively with the right infrastructure. We envision an attractive technology centre where people feel at home and can grow.“

Heiner Oberrauch


It is no coincidence that both PICHLER projects and the Oberalp Group are family businesses. Continuity is based on family values - thanks in no small part to the enthusiasm of the younger generations and the power of its roots.
The core family business has continued to grow from generation to generation to become the company we know today. In future, a feminine touch will certainly play a major role.
After all, visionary women like Tanja Pichler and Ruth Oberrauch have taken on strategically important positions at the company.

Their professional success is based in no small part on international experience, a solid educational foundation, and an enormous drive to contribute. They represent a new generation capable of shaping the future with determination and their enthusiasm for two exceptional companies that are capable of growing, reinventing themselves and yet remaining true to their roots.