Siège social

Cino Zucchi & Park Associati

Steel Structures300 ton
Façades11300 sq.m.

To enter into this unpublished cinematographic journey of The Piranesi Experience, the special effects of reflections are produced by the interaction between a large transparent, vertical mantle and the light of the sun, accompanied by Populous’ music, which emphasizes its crystalline effect.Gliding agilely between the mirrored surfaces, the camera pans out showing us the building in its context: the Salewa headquarters, designed by Cino Zucchi&Park Associati, a place of convergence between natural and urban landscapes and great highways of communication.
It is also as a centre of attraction for the city of Bolzano thanks to the integration of new working spaces and areas for social interaction.Filming of the exterior shows us the palette of the few materials used, which allude to a strong sensitivity to the surrounding nature with which a mimesis process is created. At the great openness towards the north, obtained from the continuous facade, an iridescent, micro-perforated and electro-coloured aluminium film is contrasted, which regulates the intensity of the light according to the needs of the different interior environments as well as protects the tallest mass of the building; the overall result resembles a rock of crystal.The camera is now fixed, the protagonist of the latest shooting is the rock climbing gym fully open towards the outside, which offers the feeling of an outdoor rock climb, emphasizing once again the dialogue of the whole building with the natural landscape.

Oberalp AG

Key Facts

Design: about 10.000 hours of BIM modeling and drawings
Technical crane: 7 contemporary

Glazed facade
tipology: transom-mul
lion system with hidden glass lixing (SG)
quantity: 2.800 sq.m.

Architectural covering in sheet metal
substructure: about 300 ton galvanized steel
aluminum profiles: 3 mm thickness with 4
different combinations
colors: 3 colors anodized by interference
elements: about 13.000 pieces (9.000 standard, 4.000 custom forms)

Start and end of our project: 09.2010-11.2012

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