Musée des sciences

Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Steel Structures650 ton
Façades12000 sq.m.

The unedited filmic journey of The Piranesi Experience is off to discover the MUSE, the Trento Science museum, designed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, where filming starts from the top.From this perspective we begin to catch sight of how this building, harmoniously placed withinits context, was conceived as part of a broader project for redrawing a fragment of the city, that of the former Michelin industrial area.The external spaces of the museum, from where the shooting begins, are a natural continuation of the adjacent green area of ??the Parco delle Albere, as in turn the public spaces of the entire project capture the details, materials and proportions present in the neighbouring historic centre.

The shooting now shifts, revealing the protagonist of the story: the great “ark” in glass. It is characterized by a succession of layers – partly opaque with a zinc finish and partly with transparent glass— all holding the building’s volumes together, giving the strong character of recognisability, which distinguishes the museum from every angle.

When the camera enters the structure, it unveils to usthe heart of the museum: a great central void. Here a gigantic facility with strong visual strength is exposed, featuring taxidermic animals suspended in space, those of which depict the live cargo carried by the navigators of Noah’s ark, as told in the Biblical story.

But, science and nature are in a continuous dialogue. And, in an attempt to underline this concept, the shots now move with speed from the inside to the outside of the MUSE, while accompanied by the compelling musical soundtrack of Populous, as if to reiterate how science constantly looks after nature and its protagonists.

When the daylight fades and the shooting widens to the outside, the voluminous effects are shown by the succession of the sloping lines of the layers and of the supporting metallic structures of the photovoltaic panels, calling attention to the backdrop of a mountainous profile.Once again, nature is an inspiring mother. And, once again, science investigates and interprets it in order to make way for innovation and sustainability.

Rossana Vinci, architect and journalist

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