Studio M2R

Steel Structures130 ton
Façades1100 sq.m.

The Casalgrande Hotel in Salvaterra di Casalgrande in rural Reggio Emilia takes its inspiration from the character of the local buildings interpreted with a modern flair.The dreamlike yet rustic and welcoming nature of the Emilian countryside inspired the architectural design and choice of materials for Hotel Casalgrande. Located on the Provincial State Road SP51 in Salvaterra in the province of Reggio Emilia, the hotel is designed to be harmonious with the rural tranquillity.

This structure, with its undeniably innovative architectural style, blends effortlessly into the local atmosphere of the region’s traditional buildings.The result is the feeling of hospitality offered by a welcoming local family, surrounded by the scents of a region characterised by its warmth while preserving the unspoilt nature of the surrounding landscape.

Engineer Luca Monti and architect Lorenzo Rapisarda of Studio M2R collaborated with engineer Luca Medici to develop the design of the hotel. The typological and distributive style of the structure draws inspiration from a careful study of the region’s rural dwellings. These farmhouses were characterised by two buildings, one residential and one agricultural, located around a central courtyard which acted as the hub of the family’s activity. The hotel follows the same principle, with the design distributed across two buildings arranged within a garden; the buildings were positioned inside the courtyard to protect the hotel from the noise of the road.
The design was made possible thanks to the use of advanced technology and high calibre engineering.

Hotel Salvaterra

Key Facts

Façade structures:COR-TEN
Steel:130 t
Façade surfaces:1,100 m² COR-TEN

Hotel Casalgrande
Location:Salvaterra di Casalgrande (RE)
Architectural design:Lorenzo Rapisarda, Luca Monti (STUDIO M2R Architettura), Luca Medici
Metal structures and façades:Stahlbau Pichler